Hi, my name is Christine and welcome to my website.

Boston Environmental Film Fest has been working in the field of tanning for many years. We have experience with just about all areas of tanning.

We know what works and what doesn’t. But most importantly we know what is safe and what is outright dangerous.

I have a very close friend that has developed skin cancer from sun exposure so this is a subject that is very close to my heart.

When I was younger I religiously bathed in the sun during the summer and then in the winter, I could be found at my local tanning salon multiple times per week.

I am still pretty young so I can’t really see the ageing effects to my skin from all this tanning just yet, but I am sure it will show its face in years to come.

I am much more conscious of my health and skin health nowadays and my tanning methods match this. These days I use such tools as tanning tablets and spray tans to keep myself tanned.

The worst tanning method in my eyes without question is tanning injections. These are outright dangerous and can cause a variety of nasty side effects.

I will be publishing many reports on all of the different tanning methods and tips on how to keep your skin and long-term health safe.