The natural makeup looks monopolize the tendencies of this year, and one of the most flattering is the ‘sun stripping,’ the way to get a tanned effect whatever the time of year.

With the contouring you can sculpt your features and redraw the shape of your face thanks to a strategic game of light and shadow; with the ‘strobing’ you use the light in your favor to stylize and beautify your features to the maximum; Now the sun stripping technique has arrived, the most natural way to achieve a ‘good face effect’ thanks to the bronzing powder.

Because how beautiful you look on those summer days with dark skin. The face is one of the most grateful areas because with a little color you look different, everything favors you and there are days when you skip the base steps of makeup, powder and even paint and go out with self-esteem In the clouds.

But the harsh reality is that the tan does not last long, and the spell ends when you return to the routine after the holidays … until now! Imitate the effect of the sun on your face with the sun stripping technique and enjoy your best look in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.