There are a lot of ways to get a tan these days from a trip to the sunbeds, tanning injections or you could even get a fake tan. But there is another way you can get a tan but it’s a little more unusual and that is tanning pills.

Tanning pills don’t involve any exposure to UV rays which can make them a great alternative for someone who wants to avoid the potential dangers that come with using tanning beds or someone who has sensitive skin.

However, taking a pill and then magically getting a tan sounds a little unbelievable doesn’t it?

But tanning pills have quite the fanbase and many people have used them to get a successful tan. But how do they work and are they safe? Let’s take a more in-depth look at these tablets to find out, shall we?

How Do They Work?

So, how do they work? There are actually a number of different ways tanning pills can work and it all depends on what ingredients they have in them.

The most popular tanning pills contain colouring additives that are similar to beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is probably not something many people have heard off but you’ve likely seen its effects plenty of times. Beta-carotene is what gives carrots their orange colouring and similar additives are used in tanning pills to help aid in the colouring of your skin.

One of the most common ingredients used to pigment your skin is the chemical compound canthaxanthin. Canthaxanthin is also used to orange carrots and its properties have similar effects when it comes to tanning your skin.

It might seem strange but they really can work you simply take the pills and because of the canthaxanthin in them your skin will get a more orange tanned appearance. Many people prefer pills to other methods because they are simpler, easier and quicker.

While tanning pills that contain canthaxanthin are the most common type available there are some other variants as well. One of the most common variants contains Himanthalia Elongata, a type of sea algae that is believed to help in the production of melanin.

However, there is little research to back-up whether this algae really does affect your skins melanin levels, at least to the degree it would take to get a tan. Many people also believe tanning pills are one of the safest ways to get a tan as well. But is this true?

Every time we eat foods that have been dyed with canthaxanthin we are taking some of that chemical into our bodies. But does that mean Canthaxanthin is safe? Let’s find out in more detail.

Are They Safe?

Many people believe tanning pills are safe but the truth of the matter is that they just like many other tanning alternatives like injections or tanning beds they do have their own unique side-effects.

Canthaxanthin is considered relatively safe when taken with food, however, the same can’t be said when it is taken in higher concentrated amounts.

So, yes there are some safety risks to be aware of when it comes to tanning pills because of the higher amounts of canthaxanthin they contain. One of the main health concerns is that these pills can cause yellow crystal-like formations to form in your eyes which can impair your vision.

The higher dosage of canthaxanthin can also cause problems like nausea, stomach pain/ cramps, skin conditions and on the more serious scale, it is also believed they can cause potentially fatal blood disorders.

Research is limited when it comes to these health effects but due to their unknown qualities, many countries don’t legally allow tanning pills containing chemicals like canthaxanthin to be sold.

But just like tanning injections, these pills are still widely available especially online. So, if you want to use them you can.

Should I Take Tanning Pills?

Because the legal nature of them is a bit “grey” you can buy tanning pills without worry, you’re not going to get arrested or anything like that. However, you should take the potential side effects into account and make sure you never take more than the recommended dosage.

Like many other types of artificial tanning, you should also not used tanning pills if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You will also want to avoid taking tanning pills if you have a vitamin A allergy, as people with this allergy will usually have a heightened sensitivity to canthaxanthin and other similar chemicals.

Tanning pills can give you a convenient and quick way to get a tan but you need to be aware of the potential side effects before you decide to use them which you now are.

Many people use these without issue and find them quick and convenient but there are other methods to explore if you don’t believe they are the right tanning method for you.

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